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Sports Calendar

On this page you can view the full IBSA competition calendar for the coming years. The calendar is updated regularly.

If the event is an IBSA-sanctioned event, it meets the criteria that IBSA has set for this. World and continental championships are always sanctioned. Where it says 'Sanction: Not applicable', the event is published merely for promotional purposes and IBSA has no involvement and jurisdiction in relation to the event.

If you would like to have an event added to the calendar please contact with full details: name of event, venue, dates, contact details, etc.

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August 2018

Date Sport(s) Event Location Sanction
21-08-2018 Showdown
9th IBSA Showdown European Championships Warsaw (Poland) Approved
24-08-2018 Goalball
Level 1 Goalball Referee Clinic Asan (Korea) Not applicable

September 2018

Date Sport(s) Event Location Sanction
03-09-2018 Goalball
Sanadaj International Men's Goalball Tournament Sanadaj (Iran) Not applicable
05-09-2018 Goalball
IBSA Goalball Level I Referee Clinic Tokorozawa-City (Japan) Not applicable
05-09-2018 Goalball
IBSA Goalball Level II and III Referee Clinic Madrid (Spain) Not applicable
06-09-2018 Judo
IBSA Judo World Cup Atyrau (Kazakhstan) Approved
07-09-2018 Goalball
2018 FEDC International Goalball Tournament Madrid (Spain) Not applicable
07-09-2018 Goalball
IBSA Goalball Level I and II Referee Clinic Bangkok (Thailand) Not applicable
08-09-2018 Goalball
2018 Asia & Pacific invitational Goalball tournament Bangkok (Thailand) Not applicable
14-09-2018 Judo
Open Judo Tournament and Training Camp Trakai (Lithuania) Not applicable
14-09-2018 Football
6th Cup of Central European Cities 2018 Prague (Brezineves) (Czech Republic) Not applicable
21-09-2018 Showdown
Ghana Open Showdown Championships Accra (Ghana) Not applicable
21-09-2018 Goalball
IBSA Goalball Level I and II Referee Clinic Sao Paulo (Brazil) Not applicable
22-09-2018 Goalball
2018 IBSA Goalball European Championships B Chorzow (Poland) Approved
28-09-2018 Football
International Blind Football Tournament Chisinau (Moldova) Not applicable

October 2018

Date Sport(s) Event Location Sanction
03-10-2018 Goalball
IBSA Goalball Level I (Possible Level II) Referee Clinic Perth (Australia) Not applicable
06-10-2018 Judo

2018 Asian Para Games Jakarta (Indonesia) Not applicable
11-10-2018 Chess
2018 IBSA Chess Individual World Championships Chalkidiki (Thessaloniki) (Greece) Approved
11-10-2018 Goalball
International Goalball Tournament L’Aquila (Italy) Not applicable
15-10-2018 Football
IBSA Partially Sighted Football European Championships (B2-B3) 2018 Tbilisi (Georgia) Approved
19-10-2018 Goalball
Dutch Open Goalball Cup (DOG Cup) Urk (The Netherlands) Not applicable
19-10-2018 Football
Thessaloniki International Blind Football Tournament Thessaloniki (Greece) Not applicable
24-10-2018 Goalball
IBSA Goalball Referee Clinic Trakai (Lithuania) Not applicable
25-10-2018 Goalball
Youth Boys, Youth Girls and Men International Trakai Goalball Tournament Trakai (Lithuania) Not applicable

November 2018

Date Sport(s) Event Location Sanction
02-11-2018 Goalball
2018 Stockholm Paragames Stockholm (Sweden) Not applicable
09-11-2018 Goalball
Super European Goalball League Tournament (Stage 1 - Division South) Rostock (Germany) Not applicable
10-11-2018 Powerlifting
IBSA Powerlifting and Bench Press World Championships Luxor (Egypt) Approved
10-11-2018 Judo
Adidas-International Residentie Judo Tournament The Hague (The Netherlands) Not applicable
15-11-2018 Goalball
2018 Ciutat de Barcelona Goalball Tournament Barcelona (Spain) Not applicable
16-11-2018 General
IBSA Judo World Championships & training camp Lisbon (Portugal) Approved
16-11-2018 Judo
IBSA World Judo Championships - Odivelas 2018 Odivelas (Portugal) Approved
23-11-2018 Goalball
2018 Ifaistos Goalball Tournament Thessalonki (Greece) Not applicable
25-11-2018 Judo
Referee seminar Tokyo (Japan) Not applicable
26-11-2018 Judo
Japan Judo Championships + training camp Tokyo (Japan) Not applicable
29-11-2018 Goalball
IBSA Goalball Open Youth Championships Afula (Israel) Approved
29-11-2018 Goalball
I Stage SEGL North 2018-2019 Espoo (Finland) Not applicable

December 2018

Date Sport(s) Event Location Sanction
02-12-2018 Football
Copa Libertadores de Fútbol para Ciegos San Luis Potosí (Mexico) Not applicable

January 2019

Date Sport(s) Event Location Sanction
11-01-2019 Goalball
2019 Training Camp and Japan Men's Open Sakura City (Japan) Not applicable
17-01-2019 Goalball
Pajulahti Games 2019 Nastola (Finland) Not applicable

February 2019

Date Sport(s) Event Location Sanction
16-02-2019 Judo
Matsumae Cup Vejle (Denmark) Not applicable
21-02-2019 Goalball
II Stage SEGL North 2018-2019 Malmo (Sweden) Not applicable

March 2019

Date Sport(s) Event Location Sanction
06-03-2019 Showdown
3rd BSC Prague Showdown Cup 2019 Prague (Czech Republic) Not applicable
08-03-2019 Goalball
4th Vancouver Goalball Grand Slam Tournament Vancouver (Canada) Not applicable

May 2019

Date Sport(s) Event Location Sanction
08-05-2019 Showdown
Pisa Showdown Open 2019 Pisa (Italy) Not applicable

June 2019

Date Sport(s) Event Location Sanction
29-06-2019 Goalball
IBSA Goalball Paralympic Ranking Tournament Fort Wayne (Indiana) Approved

August 2019

Date Sport(s) Event Location Sanction
23-08-2019 Judo
Lima 2019 Parapan American Games Lima (Peru) Approved

October 2019

Date Sport(s) Event Location Sanction
05-10-2019 Goalball
2019 IBSA Goalball European Championships (Group A) Rostock (Germany) Approved

December 2019

Date Sport(s) Event Location Sanction
02-12-2019 Goalball
2019 IBSA Goalball Asia/Pacific Championships Chiba (Japan) Approved

August 2020

Date Sport(s) Event Location Sanction
25-08-2020 Judo
Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games Tokyo (Japan) Not applicable
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