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April 2017

Date Sport(s) Headline
27-04-2017 Football
Central European Blind Football League 2017 seeks one more team  
26-04-2017 Goalball
2017 IBSA Goalball European Championships video series - 2nd video released  
24-04-2017 Chess
Serbian Markov wins Sofia Cup Blind Chess tournament  
21-04-2017 Goalball
2017 IBSA Goalball Referee E-Pass Now Available  
19-04-2017 Goalball
Sao Paolo to Host 2017 Goalball American Regional Championships  
18-04-2017 Football
IBSA Blind Football World Championships date change announced  
16-04-2017 Football
Blind Football Central American Development Project kicks off  
14-04-2017 Judo
Sight classification research at 2017 IBSA Judo European Championships  
10-04-2017 Football
Romania wins IBSA Blind Football European Qualifier and Division 2 Championships  
08-04-2017 Football
Romania and Georgia reach final of IBSA Blind Football European Qualifier  
06-04-2017 Goalball
Schedule Announced for 2017 IBSA Goalball European A Championships  
06-04-2017 General
2017 IBSA General Assembly announcement  
03-04-2017 Football
Blind football European qualifier set to kick off  

March 2017

Date Sport(s) Headline
30-03-2017 Football
Malaysia confirmed to host 2017 Blind Football Asian Championships  
29-03-2017 Football
Central European Blind Football League 2017 launched  
29-03-2017 Archery
Andorra to host blind archery competition  
28-03-2017 Football
2017 IBSA Blind Football African Championships - entries due  
22-03-2017 Football
Blind football heads to Armenia  
21-03-2017 General
Canada to host 5th annual blind ice hockey championships  
20-03-2017 Goalball
Ball and Flooring Information for Upcoming Goalball Tournaments  
20-03-2017 Goalball
Goalball Referees Needed for 2017 Asia/Pacific Championships  
16-03-2017 Goalball
Goalball Referees: Mainenance Fee Deadline Approaching  
14-03-2017 Football
IBSA Blind Football promotes the game in Ghana  
13-03-2017 Goalball
Second Entry Forms for 2017 IBSA Goalball World Youth Championships Just Posted  
13-03-2017 Goalball
Goalball Referees Needed to Support 2017 European "C" Championships  
10-03-2017 Football
Draw held for European blind football qualifier  
09-03-2017 Showdown
Prague hosts Showdown tournament  
08-03-2017 Judo
UK confirmed as hosts for 2017 IBSA Judo Europeans  
07-03-2017 Goalball
2017 IBSA Goalball World Youth Championships Invitations and Entry Documents now Available  
06-03-2017 Judo
IBSA Judo update on sight classification  
03-03-2017 General
IBSA World Games 2019 - bidding process reminder  

February 2017

Date Sport(s) Headline
28-02-2017 Goalball
Goalball Referees Needed for 2017 IBSA Goalball World Youth Championships  
28-02-2017 Shooting
USA VI Shooting demonstration  
28-02-2017 Goalball
Deadline Approaching Goalball Referee Applications - 2017 Euro A  
28-02-2017 Goalball
Finland launches 'Road to Pajulahti' video series  
27-02-2017 Tenpin Bowling
IBSA Tenpin Bowling World Championships update  
24-02-2017 Chess
Greece to host IBSA Chess World Championships  
23-02-2017 Judo
IBSA Judo coaching video  
22-02-2017 Goalball
Goalball Open World Championships - Masters Players  
22-02-2017 Ninepin Bowling
Serbia to host IBSA Ninepin Bowling Europeans  
22-02-2017 Goalball
Updated Information Sheet for 2017 IBSA Goalball World Youth Games  
20-02-2017 Judo
Updated IBSA Judo Regulations released  
20-02-2017 Football
Blind football rulebook available in Chinese  
15-02-2017 Judo
Updated IBSA Judo Rules available  
14-02-2017 Goalball
IBSA Goalball Seeks Hosts for 2018-2020 Tournaments  
14-02-2017 Football
2017 IBSA Partially Sighted Football (B2/B3) World Championships entries open  
14-02-2017 Goalball
Applications Accepted for IBSA Goalball Europeans  
14-02-2017 Goalball
New Goalball Referees and Officials Code of Conduct  
14-02-2017 Judo
IBSA Judo announces 2017 Asian and Oceanian Championships  
12-02-2017 Goalball
January 2017 IBSA Goalball World Ranking Released  
10-02-2017 General
IBSA releases classification manuals  
08-02-2017 Goalball
IBSA Goalball Seeks Referees for 2017 European A Championships  
08-02-2017 General
New IBSA Medical Diagnostics Form available  
07-02-2017 Goalball
Lithuania to host various blind sports events  
02-02-2017 Goalball
Goalball European Championships update  

January 2017

Date Sport(s) Headline
31-01-2017 Judo
IBSA Judo update  
30-01-2017 General
IBSA launches 2019 World Games bid process  
30-01-2017 Football
IBSA Football rulebook translated to Spanish  
26-01-2017 Judo
Inclusion in Spanish judo classes  
25-01-2017 Football
IBSA trains football referees in Europe and South America  
24-01-2017 Judo
IBSA Judo update - world ranking and upcoming events  
24-01-2017 Goalball
Goalball Loses Long-Time Friend  
24-01-2017 Goalball
Proposed Goalball Rules Tested During Recent Pajulahti Games  
23-01-2017 Football
Women's blind football in Vienna - register now for the training camp and tournament!  
21-01-2017 Chess
2017 IBSA Chess American Championships confirmed  
18-01-2017 Judo
IBSA Judo releases training videos  
17-01-2017 Goalball
New Head Coach For Finnish Men's Goalball Team  
11-01-2017 Judo
Germany to host VI Judo Open and training camp  
09-01-2017 Football
IBSA Football Committee releases updated ranking table  
04-01-2017 Goalball
Final IBSA Goalball World Rankings for 2016  
04-01-2017 Football
Football Committee updates referees list  
03-01-2017 General
WADA 2017 list of prohibited substances enters into force  
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