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Goalball - Calendar

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February 2020

Date Sport(s) Event Location Sanction
24-02-2020 Goalball
Level I Goalball Referee Clinic Marburg (Germany)  
27-02-2020 Goalball
2020 Lahn Cup Goalball Tournament Marburg (Germany) Not applicable
28-02-2020 Goalball
2020 IBSA Goalball African Champsionships Port Said (Egypt) Approved

March 2020

Date Sport(s) Event Location Sanction
06-03-2020 Goalball
Level I, II, III Goalball Referee Clinic Port Said (Egypt) Not applicable
06-03-2020 Goalball
2019-2020 SEGL South Division Stage 2 Goalball Tournament Prague (Czech Republic) Not applicable
13-03-2020 Goalball
5th Vancouver Goalball Grand Slam Vancouver (Canada) Not applicable

April 2020

Date Sport(s) Event Location Sanction
02-04-2020 Goalball
23rd International Blind Sports Festival Thessaloniki (Greece) Not applicable
02-04-2020 Goalball
2020 Men's, Women's, Youth International Trakai Goalball Tournament Trakai (Lithuania) Not applicable
06-04-2020 Goalball
International Goalball Training Camp and Tournament Antalya (Turkey) Not applicable
11-04-2020 Goalball
Khorfakkan International Goalball Tournament Khorfakkan City (UAE) Not applicable
22-04-2020 Goalball
Level I and II Goalball Referee Clinic Lisbon (Portugal) Not applicable
24-04-2020 Goalball
Sporting Para Tour - National Teams - Goalball Lisbon (Portugal) Not applicable

May 2020

Date Sport(s) Event Location Sanction
13-05-2020 Goalball
EGCA - Super European Women's Goalball League 2020 Espoo (Finland) Not applicable
13-05-2020 Goalball
EGCA - SEGL Final Stage Espoo (Finland) Not applicable
21-05-2020 Goalball
2020 Lady and Men Malmo Intercup (Goalball Tournament) Malmo (Sweden) Not applicable

June 2020

Date Sport(s) Event Location Sanction
05-06-2020 Goalball
2020 Silesia Cup Goalball Tournament Chorzow (Poland) Not applicable
06-06-2020 Goalball
2020 Asia Pacific Invitational Goalball Tournament Bangkok (Thailand) Not applicable
06-06-2020 Goalball
Lithuanian Open Goalball Championships 2020 stage 2 Vilnius (Lithuania) Not applicable
17-06-2020 Goalball
3rd CBSF Goalball National Team Championships Prague (Czech Republic) Not applicable
21-06-2020 Goalball
Goalball and football classificiation opportunity Prague (Czech Republic) Not applicable
24-06-2020 Goalball
Level I, II Goalball Referee Clinic Afula (Israel) Not applicable
26-06-2020 Goalball
Test Event - IBSA Goalball European Championships (Group B) Afula (Israel) Not applicable

July 2020

Date Sport(s) Event Location Sanction
03-07-2020 Goalball
International Goalball Tournament Lyon - Dardilly (France) Not applicable
04-07-2020 Goalball
2nd Women's Goalball Tournament Brussels (Belgium) Not applicable
10-07-2020 Goalball
International Goalball Tournament Tehran (Iran) Not applicable
17-07-2020 Goalball
Berlin Goalball Cup 2020 Berlin (Germany) Not applicable
23-07-2020 Goalball
2020 Vytataus the Great Lions Club Cup Men's Goalball Tournament Vilnius (Lithuania) Not applicable
23-07-2020 Goalball
Vytautas the Great Vilnius Lions Club Cup Vilnius (Lithuania) Not applicable

August 2020

Date Sport(s) Event Location Sanction
25-08-2020 Judo
Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games Tokyo (Japan) Not applicable

October 2020

Date Sport(s) Event Location Sanction
15-10-2020 Goalball
2020 IBSA Goalball European Championships (Group B) Afula (Israel) Approved

November 2020

Date Sport(s) Event Location Sanction
20-11-2020 Goalball
3d International Goalball Tournament Ciutat de Barcelona Barcelona (Spain) Not applicable
24-11-2020 Goalball
Goalball Clubs World Cup 2020 Lisbon (Portugal) Not applicable

October 2022

Date Sport(s) Event Location Sanction
09-10-2022 Judo
Asian Para Games Hangzhou (China) Not applicable
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