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SEGL - Super European Goalball League. Second stage.

  • Date: 22-03-2013 - 24-03-2013
  • Location: Malmö (Sweden)
  • Related to: Goalball
  • Sanction: Not applicable

Contact information

Primary contact person: Mr. Erkki Miinala email:, telephone: +358442912126   Other contact persons: Mrs. Katja Heikkinen email:, telephone: +358414416741 or Mr. Kari Räsänen email:, telephone: +358405861205   SEGL’s aim is to get the best European men’s goalball players and teams competing in the common league. In the first round teams are: FIFH Mighty Ducks (Sweden), Näpäjä (Finland), Saltinis (Lithuania) and Slovenian team. All these four teams will organize one tournament in their own country, and after four tournaments the winner will be clear. Every team can invite two more teams to their own tournament. In the future our aim is to enlarge the league, but in the first round we shall have four teams in the full league. The final tournament will take place in the spring 2014.   The Super European Goalball League (SEGL) tournament, bringing together the best European men´s goalball players and teams has reached the final composition.   Teams to compete in a Champions League-type competition are FIFH Mighty Ducks (Sweden), Näpäjä (Finland), Saltinis (Lithuania) and Vi Ge Noordzee (Belgium).   In the first stage in Finland teams from Spain and Germany will also take part. In the other competitions there will be a change for two visiting teams to see how they can compete with  the best European club teams.   Other SEGL Tournament dates:   24.05.2013-27.05.2013: third stage of SEGL, Lithuania; 26.09.2013-29.09.2013: final stage of SEGL, Bruges, Belgium.  
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