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Sports Calendar

On this page you can view the full IBSA competition calendar for the coming years. The calendar is updated regularly.

If the event is an IBSA-sanctioned event, it meets the criteria that IBSA has set for this. World and continental championships are always sanctioned. Where it says 'Sanction: Not applicable', the event is published merely for promotional purposes and IBSA has no involvement and jurisdiction in relation to the event.

If you would like to have an event added to the calendar please contact with full details: name of event, venue, dates, contact details, etc.

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January 2014

Date Sport(s) Event Location Sanction
14-01-2014 Goalball
ASEAN Para Games Naypyitaw (Myanmar) Not applicable
17-01-2014 Judo
2nd Pajulahti Games Nastola (Finland) Not applicable
24-01-2014 Goalball
14th Montreal Open Goalball Tournament Montreal (Canada) Not applicable

February 2014

Date Sport(s) Event Location Sanction
04-02-2014 Goalball
International tournament Iran Tehran (Iran) Not applicable
06-02-2014 Goalball
Malmö Open 2014 and IBSA Goalball level I, II and III referee's clinic Malmö (Sweden) Not applicable

March 2014

Date Sport(s) Event Location Sanction
11-03-2014 Goalball
Erbil Tournament and IBSA Goalball level I and II clinic Erbil (Iraq) Not applicable
19-03-2014 Goalball
IBSA Goalball referees level I, II and III recertification clinic Venice (Italy) Not applicable
20-03-2014 Goalball
International Goalball Tournament Venice (Italy) Not applicable

April 2014

Date Sport(s) Event Location Sanction
01-04-2014 Powerlifting

2014 Netbank South African National Championships Stellenbosch (South Africa) Not applicable
04-04-2014 Showdown
4th German National Championships Frankfurt (Germany) Not applicable
05-04-2014 Showdown
7th Swedish National Championships Handen (Sweden) Not applicable
18-04-2014 Judo
1st International Judo Grand Prix INFRAERO for the blind and partially sighted and training camp with the Brazilian Paralympic Judo Team Sao Paulo (Brazil) Not applicable
23-04-2014 Goalball
Goalball referees re-certification clinic Vilnius (Lithuania) Not applicable
24-04-2014 Goalball
International Men Goalball Tournament Vilnius (Lithuania ) Not applicable
25-04-2014 Goalball
Aussie invitational cup Sydney (Australia ) Not applicable
28-04-2014 Goalball
8th Central American Goalball Championships / VIII Campeonato Centroamericano de Goalball Guatemala City (Guatemala) Not applicable
30-04-2014 Showdown
VII. Milan International Showdown Tournament Milan (Italy) Not applicable

May 2014

Date Sport(s) Event Location Sanction
01-05-2014 Goalball
Parantee Paralympic Championships Blankenberge (Belgium) Not applicable
16-05-2014 Torball
Referee clinic for international licenced Torball referees Salzburg (Austria) Not applicable
17-05-2014 Torball
19th international Torball youth tournament Zollikofen (Switzerland) Not applicable
17-05-2014 Torball
International Torball tournament Salzburg (Austria) Not applicable
22-05-2014 Goalball
9th International Goalball Tournament Izola Izola (Slovenia) Not applicable
29-05-2014 Football
Bučovice Blind Football Cup 2014 Bučovice (Czech Republic) Not applicable
29-05-2014 Goalball
Saltinis Cup Vilnius (Lithuania) Not applicable
29-05-2014 Goalball
Malmö Lady & Men Intercup Malmö (Sweden) Not applicable
29-05-2014 Football
Quad Nations Tournament Hereford (United Kingdom) Not applicable

June 2014

Date Sport(s) Event Location Sanction
04-06-2014 Showdown
10th Haninge Open Showdown Tournament Haninge, Stockholm (Sweden) Not applicable
04-06-2014 Goalball
IBSA Goalball referee level I and II clinic Suprasl (Poland ) Approved
05-06-2014 Goalball
4th International Goalball Tournament Suprasl (Poland) Not applicable
08-06-2014 Ninepin Bowling
IBSA Ninepin Bowling European Championships 2014 Tomaszów Mazowiecki (Poland) Approved
13-06-2014 Judo
International Judo Tournament for the blind and partially sighted Vilnius (Lithuania) Not applicable
16-06-2014 Goalball
International Goalball Training Camp Vilnius (Lithuania) Not applicable
19-06-2014 Chess
9th Central American Chess Tournament for the visually impaired / IX Torneo Centroamericano de Ajedrez para Ciegos y Baja Visión San Salvador (El Salvador) Not applicable
19-06-2014 Goalball
Dutch Hercules Ladies Cup 2019 Utrecht (Netherlands) Not applicable
26-06-2014 Goalball
2014 IBSA Goalball World Championships Espoo (Finland) Approved

July 2014

Date Sport(s) Event Location Sanction
02-07-2014 Goalball
International youth training camp and tournament as part of the World Championships Espoo (Finland) Not applicable
09-07-2014 Football
IBSA Euro Challenge Cup in Blind Football Prague 2014 Prague (Czech Republic) Not applicable
11-07-2014 Goalball
2nd International Goalball Festival / II Festival Internacional de Goalball Guatemala City (Guatemala) Not applicable
11-07-2014 Showdown
International Showdown Tournament - team competition Vilnius (Lithuania) Not applicable

August 2014

Date Sport(s) Event Location Sanction
08-08-2014 Goalball
Goalball UK International Tournament (Youth & Elite Sections Hereford (England ) Not applicable
13-08-2014 Showdown
European Championships Showdown Haninge, Stockholm (Sweden) Approved
14-08-2014 Goalball
Goalball International Teams tournament Lublin (Poland) Not applicable
15-08-2014 Goalball
Toronto test event Toronto (Canada ) Not applicable
22-08-2014 Goalball
Hungarian International goalball tournament Eger (Hungary) Not applicable
22-08-2014 Goalball
Alataa International Goalball Championships Amman (Jordan) Not applicable
29-08-2014 Goalball
Super European Goalball League - stage 1 Malmö (Sweden) Not applicable

September 2014

Date Sport(s) Event Location Sanction
01-09-2014 Judo
IBSA Judo World Championships 2014 Colorado Springs (United States) Approved
04-09-2014 Football
International Blind football Tournament Noisy-le-Sec (Paris) (France) Not applicable
05-09-2014 Torball
9th IBSA World Cup Torball and 24th IBSA European Torball Cup Innsbruck (Austria) Approved
05-09-2014 Football
2nd Blind Football Cup for Central European Cities Prague (Czech Republic) Not applicable
18-09-2014 Judo
Open Judo Tournament and Training Camp Trakai (Lithuania) Not applicable
22-09-2014 Goalball
2014 IBSA Goalball European Championships Men & Women B Budapest (Hungary) Approved
27-09-2014 Goalball
2014 New Zealand National Championships Auckland (New Zealand ) Not applicable

October 2014

Date Sport(s) Event Location Sanction
04-10-2014 Goalball
Danish National Tournament Odensen (Denmark) Not applicable
04-10-2014 Torball
6th International Torball Tournament Vienna/Strebersdorf (Austria) Not applicable
12-10-2014 Powerlifting
IBSA Powerlifting World & European Championships 2014 Antalya (Turkey) Approved
12-10-2014 Athletics
25th International Light and Sound Race / XXV Carrera Internacional de la Luz y el Sonido Guatemala City (Guatemala) Not applicable
15-10-2014 Football
International blind football seminars Quito (Ecuador) Not applicable
16-10-2014 Goalball
First International Goalball tournament Casablanca (Morocco ) Not applicable
18-10-2014 Judo
Tenpin Bowling

2014 Asian Para Games Incheon (South Korea) Not applicable
25-10-2014 Torball
International Torball Tournament Linz (Austria) Not applicable

November 2014

Date Sport(s) Event Location Sanction
01-11-2014 Goalball
Stockholm Para Games Stockholm (Sweden) Not applicable
06-11-2014 Showdown
European Top Twelve Showdown Tournament Wroclaw (Poland) Not applicable
06-11-2014 Chess
5th Central American Championships for the visually impaired / V Juegos Deportivos Centroamericanos para Ciegos y Baja Visión San José (Costa Rica) Not applicable
08-11-2014 Torball
40th International Torball Tournament Bolzano (Italy) Not applicable
13-11-2014 Football
IBSA Blind Football World Championships 2014 (B1) Tokyo (Japan) Approved
14-11-2014 Goalball
Super European Goalball League - stage 2 Espoo (Finland)  
19-11-2014 Shooting
2014 IBSA Shooting European Championships Dadaj (Poland) Approved
21-11-2014 Goalball
Open Goalball Tournament for the Cup of Bulgaria Sofia (Bulgaria ) Not applicable
21-11-2014 Goalball
1st International Women's Goalball Tournament / I Torneo Internacional de Goalball Femenino Guatemala City (Guatemala) Not applicable
29-11-2014 Torball
30th Austrian National Torball Championships Innsbruck (Austria) Not applicable

December 2014

Date Sport(s) Event Location Sanction
01-12-2014 Goalball
1st Alanya Goalball tournament Alanya (Turkey) Not applicable
05-12-2014 Football
18th International Blind Foootball Tournament Thessaloniki (Greece) Not applicable
10-12-2014 Showdown
2. Dutch Open 2014 De Ronde Venen (The Netherlands) Not applicable
10-12-2014 Football
IBSA Football B2-B3 European Championships 2014 La Spezia (Italy) Applied
14-12-2014 Football
1st Hong Kong Open 5-A-Side Blind Football Tournament (Hong Kong) Not applicable
19-12-2014 Goalball
Super European Goalball League - stage 3 Vilnius (Lithuania) Not applicable
20-12-2014 Goalball
FEDC International Goalball Tournament for male and female Madrid (Spain) Not applicable
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