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IBSA Goalball Seeks New Referees' Advisory Group Members

  • Date: 24-11-2017
  • Related to: Goalball
Dear IBSA Goalball Referees,

The IBSA Goalball Subcommittee is looking for new members to serve on the Referees' Advosory Group (RAG) for the 2018-2021 period.

The purpose of the RAG is to make recommendations tot he IBSA Goalball Working Group on specific items or tasks that may include:
  • providing listings or proposed officials for sanctioned IBSA Goalball competitions;
  • advice or recommendations on rules-related issues;
  • review and proposed disposition of disciplinary matters related to IBSA Goalball referees;
  • inputs on referee program development, recertification or utilization of referees in developing regions;
  • assistance in updating Goalball-related documentation for IBSA Goalball Working Group approval;
  • discussions and recommendations on cases and procedures.
If you are interested and available to work as a member of the RAG, please submit your intent to:

Thank you,

IBSA Goalball Subcomittee
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