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Pioneering new quiz educates judoka on anti-doping

  • Date: 23-05-2019
  • Related to: Judo
The Azerbaijan National Anti-Doping Agency (AMADA) has developed the world’s first audio based anti-doping quiz – iQuiz - for judoka with visual impairments in collaboration with the International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA).

In line with its pledge to deliver anti-doping education to all athletes and placing a special emphasis on accessibility, AMADA delivered an outreach programme during the recent IBSA Judo Grand Prix in Baku from 13-14 May.

During the activities, AMADA’s education team introduced the iQuiz, an in-house-developed interactive audio-based multimedia system for athletes with visual impairments.
iQuiz is based on World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) materials and is geared towards judoka.

To begin, the programme explains the rules and then the quiz starts – Hajime.

Audio navigation helps to move from one question to another with the possibility of a Shido penalty point, while the second wrong answer ends the quiz. Athletes are presented with a question which they must decide is true or false, pressing the relevant button once they have decided the answer.

A B1 judoka decides whether to answer true or false to the question 'I can be tested at a competition even if I did not compete'

Those judoka who answer 80 per cent or more of the questions correctly are awarded with an Ippon point.

Athletes from 34 countries that took part in the Grand Prix had the opportunity to prove their anti-doping knowledge and to be awarded with prizes from AMADA. These included Azerbaijan’s Paralympic medallist Ilham Zakiyev, who was one of the first to demonstrate the iQuiz.

The outreach programme also included distribution of Braille-printed versions of anti-doping booklets, covering topics such as the doping control process, therapeutic use exemptions (TUEs), and the list of prohibited substances and methods. 

AMADA has pledged to share its experiences and all the materials with other stakeholders around the globe.
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