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IBSA Blind Football back to competition guidelines released

  • Date: 09-11-2020
  • Related to: Football
El Salvador vs Nicaragua 2019 IBSA Blind Football Central American Championships.IBSA has released guidelines to ensure all stakeholders involved in blind football can return to competitions following the COVID-19 pandemic in a safe and secure manner.

The IBSA Blind Football back to competition guidelinesdeveloped to support the safe return to IBSA Blind Football competition activities in response to the public health crisis caused by COVID-19, are now available on this web site in Word and PDF versions. 

Guidelines are set out for all stakeholders including athletes, team staff, officials, volunteers and other staff including spectators (if permitted according to local regulations) involved in competitions to prevent COVID-19 infection. These countermeasures are also intended to support event organisers and, therefore, all IBSA Blind Football sanctioned competitions must be operated according to these guidelines.

For more information on the guidelines contact

IBSA has already published similar guidelines for a safe return to competitions in Goalball and Showdown, and is working on similar documents for its other sports. 

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