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IBSA Blind Football coaching manual released in French

  • Date: 28-01-2021
  • Related to: Football
Mali vs Iran at the 2018 IBSA Blind Football Championships in Madrid, Spain.
The IBSA Blind Football Coaching Manual: a guide for beginners, published in English at the beginning of last year, has been translated into French to maximise its use worldwide.

The manual is a key resource for new trainers, physical education teachers and others interested in coaching blind football. It targets beginners and sets out the basic principles involved in coaching players who are blind or partially sighted skills in blind (B1) football.

Click here for the French version of the coaching manual.

Click here for the English version of the coaching manual.

Caption: cover of the French version of the coaching manual.

The translation project is part of the IBSA Football Committee's efforts to foster blind football development worldwide. Also available in Russian and Portuguese, the committee hopes to be able to provide translations to other languages such as Spanish in the near future.

The original, English-language version of the manual was published as part of the UEFA-sponsored IBSA Blind Football Development Project Europe.

The IBSA Football Committee is very grateful to Libre Vue for assistance in translating the manual to French. Libre Vue is a non-governmental development organisation based in France that works to combat injustice and violence and promote gender equality, particularly involving vulnerable groups and persons with disabilities. Libre Vue promotes blind football in Mali, where it is developing the first purpose-built blind football pitch in the country thanks to support from UEFA Foundation for Children, and also receives support from Sport et Développement

Caption: Libre Vue logo.

For more information on the manual and the IBSA Blind Football Development Project Europe contact

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