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Anti-Doping Review - IBSA Newsletter January 2014

  • Date: 06-01-2014
  • Related to: General
WADA anti-doping poster
IBSA takes its anti-doping responsibilities very seriously. In 2011, it became apparent that IBSA had a problem in terms of how IBSA was managing Anti-Doping for its athletes. IBSA was advised by WADA that it was not compliant with the 2009 WADA Anti-Doping Code.

Immediately, IBSA set about engaging directly with WADA, opening a dialogue with Emiliano Simonelli (WADA Head of NGB Compliance). As a result, the IBSA Anti-Doping Rules were completely revised and, following the submission of several drafts, IBSA was eventually granted the status of being “WADA Code Compliant”.

We set out the following objectives:
  • Appoint Chairman of IBSA Anti-Doping Committee
  • Seek nominations for places on the Anti-Doping Committee from IBSA membership
  • Co-opt extra members with appropriate expertise
  • Set up TUE (Therapeutic Use Exemptions) Committee
  • Set up Doping Review Panel
  • Set up Registered testing Pool (RTP)

We are happy to report that all objectives has been reached:
  • Iain Gowans was appointed as Chairman of IBSA Anti-Doping Committee;
  • The Anti-Doping Committee is now populated with experts in Pharmaceuticals; Medicine; Ophthalmology; Anti-Doping Practice and Law;
  • IBSA collaborates with NADOs (National Anti-Doping Agencies) where IBSA competitions take place - IBSA agrees to recognise the findings of every NADO in good standing with WADA;
  • The IBSA Anti-Doping Committee has held meetings annually in 2011; 2012 and 2013;
  • IBSA TUE Panel has been appointed - 16 cases decided;
  • IBSA RTP (Registered Testing Pool) can now be viewed online;
  • Doping Review Panel has been formed - 2 cases considered and found to be legitimate; One Powerlifting athlete was banned for two years and stripped of medals gained at the IBSA WG 2011. Two cases ongoing – both athletes have had adverse analytical findings;
  • Out-of-Competition testing is taking place on a regular basis;
  • Testing took place at London 2012 and all subsequent major IBSA competitions.

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