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SEGL stage #2 live this weekend

  • Date: 14-11-2014
  • Related to: Goalball
It’s that time again, time for some of Europe’s top goalball clubs to fight it out as they battle for the title of the top team in the Super European Goalball League.
Like stage 1, it will be live on the radio for all to follow. The crew from Blind Sports Radio is showing their dedication to the sport by flying in from Australia and the USA to Espoo to cover this event.
Anthony Telfer from Blind Sports Radio covered stage 1 from Australia but even with today’s technology you are still hoping that a lot will go right. So to make the broadcast even better and more reliable, he decided to fly to the other end of the world to cover the SEGL. This time he will also be joined by his on court assistant, Matthew Hines from the USA.
Both Hines and Telfer recognize the quality behind the SEGL and that is why they are making so much effort to make sure that you can all follow the event.
To listen you can either go to or find Blind Sports Radio on the Tune In app.
To follow all the fixtures and news from the SEGL this weekend, go to
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