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IBSA World Games Goalball – getting tense

  • Date: 16-05-2015
  • Related to: Goalball
As we near the quarter final stage of the goalball competition at the 2015 IBSA World Games, the competition is getting tense. Teams are fighting hard for those quarter final spots with so much on the line.
Czech Republic is stepping it up a gear as they steam roll their way to the knock out stage. They had two more convincing wins in their pool A A matches on day four. These wins were over South Korea and Sweden. The Czechs were not the only team to gain 6 points on day four. Both Turkey and Germany were also successful in their matches.
Pool B however was not so clear cut. No team that played two matches actually succeeded in both. Canada had a thundering performance over the Australians but then lost out to the Belgians. Iran went the opposite way, losing their first match of the day to Lithuania but then defeating China.
It was a similar story in women’s Pool X. China and Israel continued their winning ways but only had to play one match. From the teams who played two, Finland and Ukraine, neither could win both. Finland lost to China early in the day but went on to beat Ukraine. After losing to Finland, the Ukrainians overpowered Spain.
Pool B however had two teams who ended the day with 6 extra points. Both Canada and Australia had successful days. Canada had narrow ins over Germany and Japan while the Australians had victories over South Korea and Germany.
For full results please see below.
Pool A:
Turkey 13-3 Spain
South Korea 4-8 Czech Republic
Egypt 4-9 Germany
Sweden 3–11 Czech Republic
Spain 1-8 Germany
Egypt 8-10 Turkey
Pool B:
Lithuania 8-5 Iran
Australia 2-10 Canada
Japan 5-2 China
Belgium 7-4 Canada
Iran 7-5 China
Pool X
China 4-2 Finland
Spain 0-0 Ghana
Finland 3-1 Ukraine
Denmark 2-7 Israel
Spain 1-11 Ukraine
Pool Y
Germany 1-2 Canada
Algeria 2-5 Sweden
Japan 0-2 Canada
South Korea 1-2 Australia
Great Britain 4-0 Sweden
Germany 0-4 Australia
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