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IBSA Shooting approves Eko-Aims VIS500 for use in competition

  • Date: 02-05-2016
  • Related to: Shooting
The IBSA Shooting committee has now certified the Eko-Aims VIS500 aiming device for use in competitions. This is the second aiming device to be certified for use in IBSA Shooting competitions, and so increases the choice of equipment which vi shooters may use.
The IBSA Shooting committee wants to simplify the organising of competitions, so is standardising the aiming mark used so that it can be provided by the organiser removing the equipment set up time and simplifying the process to move a shooter to another firing point in the event of range equipment failure. The certification of an aiming device means that manufacturers and shooters can be confident that the aiming device works with the standard aiming mark and the device will be permitted for use in competition.

To give shooters time to select new aiming devices, for a transition period shooters will be permitted to use a number of legacy aiming devices.
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