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December 2013

Date Sport(s) Headline
23-12-2013 Goalball
2014 goalball calendar – something for everyone  
22-12-2013 Goalball
Super European Goalball League set for 2014  
21-12-2013 Goalball
Goalball Malmö InterCup – Women & Men in 2014  
14-12-2013 Goalball
IBSA Goalball World Rankings – December 2013 Update  
13-12-2013 Showdown
Showdown - De Ronde Venen Dutch Open 2013  
12-12-2013 Goalball
Attention all IBSA Goalball referees  
12-12-2013 Judo
IBSA European Judo Championships results available  
11-12-2013 Goalball
IBSA Goalball Worlds – Pools drawn  
11-12-2013 Football
Blind football on the rise in Belgium  
10-12-2013 Goalball
Hungary to host IBSA Goalball Europeans B  
09-12-2013 General
IBSA Europe meets in Hungary  
09-12-2013 Goalball
Using goalball to celebrate disability  
08-12-2013 Goalball
Algeria takes IBSA Goalball African honours  
07-12-2013 Goalball
Goalballer makes IPC shortlist  
06-12-2013 Goalball
IBSA Goalball Africa – conclusion of round robin  
05-12-2013 Goalball
IBSA Goalball Africa – round robin continues  
05-12-2013 Judo
IBSA European Judo Championships underway - live streaming available  
03-12-2013 Goalball
IBSA Goalball Africa – Finally underway  
02-12-2013 Football
Romania holds first-ever national blind football championships  

November 2013

Date Sport(s) Headline
30-11-2013 Goalball
IBSA Goalball African Championships about to begin  
28-11-2013 Goalball
IBSA Goalball Rules – another update  
25-11-2013 Football
Argentina wins Under-23 South American Blind Football Cup  
22-11-2013 Goalball
IBSA Goalball World Rankings – November 2013 Update  
21-11-2013 General
IBSA heads to Athens for IPC GA  
18-11-2013 Goalball
IBSA Goalball Asia/Pacific Final day review  
16-11-2013 Goalball
IBSA Goalball Asia/Pacific – Finalists and qualifiers known  
15-11-2013 Goalball
IBSA Goalball Asia/Pacific – Iranian women qualify  
14-11-2013 Goalball
IBSA Goalball Asia/Pacific – Too close to call  
14-11-2013 Goalball
IBSA Goalball Asia/Pacific – It has begun  
12-11-2013 Goalball
IBSA Goalball Asia-Pacific Championships to begin  
11-11-2013 Torball
Vorarlberg and Waasland win IBSA European Torball Cup  
09-11-2013 Goalball
IBSA Goalball Europeans – What a final  
09-11-2013 Goalball
IBSA Goalball Europeans – Only finals left  
08-11-2013 Goalball
IBSA Goalball Europeans – now getting tight  
08-11-2013 Torball
23rd IBSA European Torball Cup begins in Belgium  
07-11-2013 Goalball
IBSA Goalball Europeans – Changing of the guard  
06-11-2013 Goalball
IBSA Goalball Europeans – Finals starting to take shape  
04-11-2013 Goalball
IBSA Goalball European A Championships – many dominant results  
04-11-2013 General
Former IBSA President Michael Barredo to receive Paralympic Award  
03-11-2013 Goalball
Goalball Europeans – kick off in Konya  
03-11-2013 Goalball
Two more goalball tournaments+referee clinics added  
03-11-2013 Judo
Important announcement - IBSA Open African Judo Championships 2013  
01-11-2013 General
IBSA President attends EPC General Assembly 2013 in Dublin  

October 2013

Date Sport(s) Headline
31-10-2013 Goalball
Teams head to IBSA Goalball European Championships  
25-10-2013 General
IBSA names new sports chairs  
15-10-2013 Goalball
Introducing Goalball World rankings  
09-10-2013 Football
Czech Republic hosts international blind football tournament  
08-10-2013 Goalball
IBSA Goalball new rules update  
03-10-2013 General
IBSA enters into partnership with Union Nationale des Aveugles et Deficient Visuels  
03-10-2013 Goalball
2013 IBSA Goalball African Championships Update  
02-10-2013 Goalball
Two more Goalball tournaments for 2014  
01-10-2013 Powerlifting
Powerlifting and bench press world championships results published  

September 2013

Date Sport(s) Headline
30-09-2013 Football
Brazil wins blind football Copa America  
27-09-2013 General
WADA releases 2014 Prohibited List  
27-09-2013 General
IBSA Copa America reaches final phase of group stage  
26-09-2013 Football
2013 IBSA Copa America - match day five update  
25-09-2013 Goalball
Goalball Paralympic Update  
25-09-2013 Football
Match day four update from 2013 IBSA Football Copa América  
24-09-2013 Football
IBSA Football Copa América - report from Argentina on day three  
23-09-2013 Football
IBSA Football Copa América underway in Argentina  
18-09-2013 Goalball
IBSA Goalball World Championships officially launched  
16-09-2013 Judo
Judo stars to watch feature  
14-09-2013 Goalball
Goalball calendar update – 2014 filling up  
13-09-2013 Judo
2013 IBSA Para Pan-American Games and World Youth and Student Games results  
11-09-2013 Football
Argentina presents 2013 blind football IBSA Copa América  
10-09-2013 Tenpin Bowling
Prague Ten-Pin Bowling results available  
09-09-2013 Goalball
Goalball Europeans C – peaking at right time  
08-09-2013 Goalball
Goalball Europeans C – heading for finals  
07-09-2013 Goalball
Goalball Europeans C – History written  
06-09-2013 Goalball
Goalball Europeans C – comebacks and tight matches  
06-09-2013 Judo
Update on IBSA Judo European Championships 2013 and Junior World Judo Games  
05-09-2013 Goalball
Goalball Europeans C – Starts Today!  
03-09-2013 General
All Change at IBSA following Executive Board Elections  

August 2013

Date Sport(s) Headline
30-08-2013 Goalball
Goalball Europeans C – How to follow  
26-08-2013 Tenpin Bowling
Bowlers gather for Open European Tenpin Championships  
23-08-2013 General
Important announcement from IBSA - Sports Director  
22-08-2013 General
Showdown World Championships results  
19-08-2013 General
2013 USABA Marathon National Championships invite  
16-08-2013 Judo
Hungary to host IBSA Judo European Championships 2013  
02-08-2013 General
IPC confirms Rio 2016 athletics events  

July 2013

Date Sport(s) Headline
26-07-2013 General
Blind football programme kicks off in Romania  
19-07-2013 General
Judo seeks host for world championships  
18-07-2013 Goalball
Call for Goalball results  
18-07-2013 Football
Argentina takes blind football Copa Confraternidad in head-to-head with Paraguay  
18-07-2013 Football
Argentina takes blind football Copa Confraternidad in head-to-head with Paraguay  
16-07-2013 Goalball
Goalball Europeans A – time to register  
15-07-2013 Goalball
Colorado – Goalball finals round up  
14-07-2013 Goalball
Goalball finals set in Colorado  
13-07-2013 Goalball
Colorado Goalball – day two review  
12-07-2013 Goalball
Goalball Championships kick off in Colorado  
12-07-2013 General
Finland announces schedule for 2nd Pajulahti Games  
10-07-2013 Goalball
Another Goalball recertification course confirmed  
09-07-2013 Goalball
IBSA Goalball introduces tournament commissioner  
08-07-2013 Goalball
Referees and ITOs for Goalball Europeans A  
04-07-2013 Goalball
Goalball level III referees – recertify in Finland  
02-07-2013 General
Nominations for IBSA Board announced  

June 2013

Date Sport(s) Headline
29-06-2013 Goalball
Lyon organising ladies Goalball tournament  
28-06-2013 Goalball
Madrid hosts FEDC International Goalball Tournament  
27-06-2013 Goalball
Goalball major tournaments – Balls and court surfaces  
27-06-2013 General
Full results and final standings from IBSA European Football Championships uploaded  
25-06-2013 Goalball
Goalball Europeans A – Pools and Game Schedule  
24-06-2013 Goalball
Lithuanian Goalball tournament plus training camps  
24-06-2013 General
Spain wins back European blind football title  
22-06-2013 Goalball
Goalball referees clinic plus African Championships  
21-06-2013 Goalball
Goalball Invitation: Asian Youth Para Games  
20-06-2013 Goalball
Announcement for IBSA Goalball Europeans C  
20-06-2013 Football
France and Spain reach European Football Championships finals in Loano  
19-06-2013 General
Ninepin bowling European Championships results in  
18-06-2013 General
Update from 9th IBSA European Football Championships at end of group stage  
12-06-2013 Football
9th IBSA European Football Championships set to kick off in Loano  
11-06-2013 General
New IBSA E-mail addresses  
10-06-2013 Showdown
Showdown update - Dutch Open in December  
08-06-2013 Goalball
IBSA Goalball comes together  
06-06-2013 Goalball
Who will be refereeing goalball in Africa?  
06-06-2013 Football
New dates for Thai blind football tournament  
05-06-2013 Goalball
Belgians searching for IBSA Goalball referees  
05-06-2013 Football
IBSA Futsal – Important Announcement  
03-06-2013 Judo
IBSA Judo seeks host for European event  

May 2013

Date Sport(s) Headline
28-05-2013 Football
China retains IBSA Asia Football title  
27-05-2013 Powerlifting
Powerlifting World and Asian Championships entry forms due  
22-05-2013 Chess
Blind Chess National Championships underway in Nicaragua  
21-05-2013 Goalball
Introduction – new President of Danish Goalball  
13-05-2013 Goalball
Final call for IBSA Goalball referees  
10-05-2013 General
Final programme released for IBSA General Assembly and Conference 2013  
10-05-2013 Football
Eight teams set to compete for European blind football title  
09-05-2013 Goalball
USA continue dominance of Malmö Lady Intercup  
08-05-2013 Football
Argentina releases entry form for IBSA America Cup 2013  
07-05-2013 Goalball
Venice Goalball tournament and recertification clinics  
06-05-2013 Football
Brazil triumphs at four nations blind football tournament in Mexico  
04-05-2013 Goalball
IBSA Goalball calling referees and ITOs  

April 2013

Date Sport(s) Headline
30-04-2013 Football
Blind football open tournament to take place in Thailand in August  
29-04-2013 General
Updated Classification Master List now available  
29-04-2013 Goalball
Nicaragua and Guatemala take Goalball honors  
27-04-2013 Goalball
Goalball UK searching for head coach  
25-04-2013 General
Motions and nominations due for IX IBSA GA in Denmark  
12-04-2013 Goalball
IBSA Goalball recertification tournaments – search begins  
11-04-2013 Goalball
Final IBSA Goalball regional championship set  
10-04-2013 Goalball
First group of successful IBSA Goalball referees  
05-04-2013 Goalball
Another opportunity for IBSA Goalball referees  
02-04-2013 Goalball
Invitation – Malmö Men’s Goalball Intercup  

March 2013

Date Sport(s) Headline
31-03-2013 General
IBSA grows as Andorra and Montenegro join  
30-03-2013 Goalball
Africa calling IBSA Goalball referees  
29-03-2013 Goalball
Live Goalball out of Australia this weekend  
28-03-2013 Goalball
Turkey confirmed host for IBSA Goalball Europeans A  
28-03-2013 Goalball
Full results from Super European Goalball League (SEGL) round 2  
26-03-2013 Goalball
Results from Nicaraguan Goalball Championships 2013  
20-03-2013 Goalball
Super European Goalball League live this weekend  
18-03-2013 Judo
New football and judo events added to IBSA Competition Calendar  
15-03-2013 Football
German Blind Football Bundesliga 2013 to kick off in April  
14-03-2013 Goalball
Urgent Reminder to IBSA Goalball referees  
11-03-2013 Powerlifting
Powerlifting - update from the IBSA Powerlifting Subcommittee  
09-03-2013 Goalball
IBSA Goalball European Championships Men C confirmed  
06-03-2013 Goalball
Open West Flemish Goalball Cup Update  
04-03-2013 Torball
23rd IBSA European Torball Cup  
01-03-2013 Goalball
Marseille France to host Goalball tournament  

February 2013

Date Sport(s) Headline
28-02-2013 Goalball
Call for IBSA Goalball referees  
27-02-2013 Goalball
IBSA Goalball ratio formula explained  
25-02-2013 Football
European Blind Football Championships confirmed  
22-02-2013 Goalball
IBSA Goalball European Championships Update  
21-02-2013 Showdown
Milan International Showdown Tournament announced  
20-02-2013 General
Agenda for the 2013 IBSA General Assembly released  
15-02-2013 Goalball
Goalball proposed rule changes – Review of test  
14-02-2013 Tenpin Bowling
Czech Republic to host IBSA European Tenpin Bowling Championships  
13-02-2013 Football
Russia takes IBSA 2013 B2-B3 Football World Championships  
13-02-2013 Goalball
Expected winners but still drama at Malmö Open  
12-02-2013 Powerlifting
Update from the IBSA Powerlifting Subcommittee  
11-02-2013 Goalball
Turkey confirms dates for international goalball tournament  
07-02-2013 Goalball
Watch Goalball live this weekend from Malmö  
06-02-2013 Goalball
Lithuania & Turkey dominant at Pajulahti Games  
04-02-2013 Goalball
IBSA Goalball WC – Currently Qualified Nations  

January 2013

Date Sport(s) Headline
31-01-2013 Goalball
IBSA Goalball African Regional Championships go to ….  
24-01-2013 General
IBSA releases new Athlete Nationality Policy  
22-01-2013 Showdown
Yerres International Showdown Tournament announced  
22-01-2013 Judo
Final entries due for 2013 IBSA World Youth Championships and Parapan American Games  
21-01-2013 Goalball
Goalball family mourns loss of Keith Lound  
18-01-2013 Showdown
Venue for Showdown world championships announced  
17-01-2013 Judo
Update on the Saltinis Games  
15-01-2013 Goalball
IBSA Goalball Regional Championships Update  
14-01-2013 Shooting
Message from the Chairman of the IBSA Shooting Subcommittee  
09-01-2013 Powerlifting
2013 IBSA World Youth Championships and Pan Am Games - important announcement from USABA  
08-01-2013 Goalball
Lithuania announces dates for international Goalball tournament  
02-01-2013 Goalball
Q & A with Erkki Miinala - Super European Goalball League (SEGL)  
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