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December 2020

Date Sport(s) Headline
28-12-2020 Football
Blind football coaching resource now available in Portuguese and Russian  
24-12-2020 Goalball
New dates for goalball Euros B, Euros A planned for November  
17-12-2020 Judo
Football, judo, goalball to feature at 2023 Parapans  
10-12-2020 General
IBSA encourages anti-doping whistleblowers  
10-12-2020 Goalball
IBSA Goalball Euros B postponed  

November 2020

Date Sport(s) Headline
30-11-2020 Judo
Judoka Crockett finds new path post-retirement  
20-11-2020 Goalball
Referees wanted for goalball Euros B  
19-11-2020 Goalball
Organisers announce measures to ensure extra safety at goalball Euros B  
11-11-2020 Judo
Back to competition guidelines released for IBSA Judo  
09-11-2020 Football
IBSA Blind Football back to competition guidelines released  
05-11-2020 Goalball
IBSA Goalball widens reach in the Americas  
05-11-2020 Football
Japan Blind Football Association and International Blind Football Foundation announce major sponsorship agreement  
02-11-2020 Football
ASAMCI crowned blind football champions of Ivory Coast  

October 2020

Date Sport(s) Headline
30-10-2020 General
IBSA supports efforts to add VI shooting to Paralympic programme  
27-10-2020 Football
Guatemalan coach Carmen López on her ‘passion’ for blind football  
26-10-2020 Goalball
Asan, South Korea, to host Asia-Pacific goalball Championships  
26-10-2020 Goalball
IBSA Goalball to maintain referee levels, remove fees  
22-10-2020 Goalball
Hosts wanted for major international goalball Championships  
16-10-2020 Judo
Judo classification consultation gathers pace  
12-10-2020 Judo
‘Never give up on your dreams’: Judoka Martins sends message of hope  
07-10-2020 Goalball
IBSA publishes back to competition guide for Goalball  
02-10-2020 General
Jane Blaine recognised for services to sport  

September 2020

Date Sport(s) Headline
25-09-2020 Football
Austria launches first women's blind football national team in Europe  
22-09-2020 General
IBSA releases guidelines for safe sight classification  
21-09-2020 Goalball
Goalball youth Worlds moved to 2022  
18-09-2020 Judo
IBSA embarks on biggest-ever community consultation in response to judo classification research  
15-09-2020 Ninepin Bowling
European Ninepin Bowling Championships postponed until 2021  
10-09-2020 Judo
Pernheim targets first Swedish Paralympic judo medal in decades  
10-09-2020 Goalball
“Team first, team last, team always": Welborn on USA’s unshakeable focus  
10-09-2020 Football
Armenia’s Sahakyan leads women’s blind football charge  
03-09-2020 Goalball
Japan goalball hungry for more after taste of home win  

August 2020

Date Sport(s) Headline
28-08-2020 Goalball
Czech Republic to host Goalball tournament for men's national teams  
27-08-2020 Goalball
USA’s Dennis on goalball team’s physic powers  
20-08-2020 Goalball
Goalball player Merren wins funds to develop fitness app  
18-08-2020 Football
Trio of football World Championships heading to Birmingham 2023 IBSA World Games  
17-08-2020 Football
New look for blind football calendar heading to Paris 2024  
14-08-2020 Judo
Athletes: have your say on protests at the Paralympics  
14-08-2020 Goalball
Lahti, Finland, to host IBSA Goalball Euros B  
14-08-2020 Football
A Swedish first for blind football  
12-08-2020 Tenpin Bowling
Czech Republic to host international tenpin bowling championships  
11-08-2020 General
Building an inclusive society: Santen and International Blind Sports Federation forge partnership  
06-08-2020 Goalball
‘All for one and one for all’: Unity at centre of Japan’s goalball team  
03-08-2020 Judo
Tokyo 2020 confirms Paralympic schedule for 2021  

July 2020

Date Sport(s) Headline
31-07-2020 Goalball
IBSA Goalball focuses on youth development  
30-07-2020 Judo
Life is sweet for world No. 1 Kheirollahzadeh  
27-07-2020 Football
Blind Football Europeans Division 2 postponed until 2021  
13-07-2020 Football
Hereford, Great Britain, to host IBSA Blind Football Women’s Camp and Games  
10-07-2020 Judo
Judoka Hirose works on ‘spirit, technique, body, luck and love’  
10-07-2020 Goalball
Horsburgh: “After finding goalball I found my place in life”  
09-07-2020 Football
IBSA Blind Football Women’s Worlds postponed to 2021  

June 2020

Date Sport(s) Headline
25-06-2020 Judo
Judoka Stewart: The best is yet to come  
25-06-2020 Goalball
A new road to Tokyo: Germany return to training with fresh determination  
22-06-2020 Showdown
IBSA Showdown Euros postponed  
22-06-2020 Goalball
“The pride of wearing the maple leaf is all the motivation I need” - Canada's Amy Burk on a different looking 2020  
18-06-2020 Goalball
Asian Youth Para Games heading to Bahrain  
15-06-2020 Goalball
Ukraine’s Zhyhalin reflects on postponed dreams  
05-06-2020 Goalball
IBSA Goalball World Championships and other major events confirmed  

May 2020

Date Sport(s) Headline
30-05-2020 Showdown
Showdown calendar update  
29-05-2020 Goalball
Kakehata: Nothing less than gold at Tokyo 2020  
29-05-2020 Judo
Lockdown allows judoka Skelley to give something back  
21-05-2020 General
Current goalball rulebook extended  
18-05-2020 General
Sato’s decade at the top of Japanese blind football  
18-05-2020 General
Goalball family mourns the death of five-time Paralympian Nancy Morin  
14-05-2020 Football
IBSA Football Committee announces new dates for rule changes  
11-05-2020 General
Tenpin Bowling
Birmingham, Great Britain, to host IBSA World Games 2023  
08-05-2020 Goalball
Goalball European Championships B cancelled  
05-05-2020 Football
Blind football features in UEFA report  
04-05-2020 Judo
China’s Paralympic judo champ Li puts education before competition  
04-05-2020 Football
Blind football rolled out across all ten provinces of Zimbabwe  
01-05-2020 Judo
New qualification guide for Tokyo 2020 released  

April 2020

Date Sport(s) Headline
29-04-2020 Football
International Blind Football Foundation opens special grant programme  
23-04-2020 Chess
International on-line blind chess competition next week  
17-04-2020 Goalball
China’s goalball star on her determination for success  
16-04-2020 Chess
Chess competitions continue despite coronavirus lockdown  
10-04-2020 Judo
Judoka Hodgson ‘grieving but positive’ about Paralympic postponement  
06-04-2020 Showdown
IBSA Showdown launches consultation on rule changes  
03-04-2020 Judo
Baku 2020 IBSA Judo Grand Prix cancelled  

March 2020

Date Sport(s) Headline
30-03-2020 Judo
New dates for Tokyo 2020 Paralympics  
24-03-2020 General
IBSA reaction to the postponement of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games  
20-03-2020 Goalball
Brazil’s path to Tokyo 2020 paved with podiums  
19-03-2020 General
Ninepin Bowling
Tenpin Bowling
Athletes: How to stay safe and well  
19-03-2020 Judo
IBSA Judo Grand Prix in Nottingham, Great Britain, cancelled  
18-03-2020 Football
Blind football joy: Morocco’s Snisla and team count days to Tokyo 2020  
18-03-2020 Ninepin Bowling
IBSA Ninepin Europeans postponed until November  
16-03-2020 Judo
Judoka Latchoumanaya hopes to be France’s latest Paralympic medallist  
13-03-2020 Showdown
IBSA Showdown seeks host for 2021 World Championships  
12-03-2020 Football
Entries open for Blind Football Euros Division 2  
12-03-2020 Judo
Judoka Edinanci Silva joins Brazil on road to Tokyo 2020  
12-03-2020 Football
Brazil to host women’s blind football festival  
10-03-2020 Football
IBSA Blind Football Women's World Championships - entries open  
09-03-2020 Judo
Judoka Gagne: Doing it for the kids  
06-03-2020 Football
Teams confirmed for blind football at Tokyo 2020  
04-03-2020 Goalball
Algerian men and women advance to finals in Port Said  
02-03-2020 Football
IBSA Blind Football ranking updated  
01-03-2020 Goalball
African goalball title up for grabs in Port Said  

February 2020

Date Sport(s) Headline
28-02-2020 Football
​IBSA Blind Football World Grand Prix cancelled  
27-02-2020 Goalball
Egypt’s young captains relish chance to compete at home  
27-02-2020 Football
Romania to host Blind Football Europeans Division 2  
24-02-2020 Goalball
Port Said 2020: What you should know  
24-02-2020 General
Judoka preview Grand Prix season in Tbilisi  
20-02-2020 Judo
Join the IPC Athletes’ Council  
20-02-2020 Goalball
What to watch in 2020: Goalball’s Paralympic year  
20-02-2020 Judo
European Universities Games open to judoka with visual impairments  
10-02-2020 Football
Blind footballer Flores reflects upon regional success and journey  
07-02-2020 Judo
First Paralympic Museum to open in Tokyo  
07-02-2020 Football
Blind Football kicks off in Zambia and Botswana  
06-02-2020 Goalball
Love at first sight: Yang’s goalball affair  
03-02-2020 Football
IBSA Blind Football women’s World Championships heading to Nigeria  

January 2020

Date Sport(s) Headline
30-01-2020 Football
IBSA Football Committee launches consultation on rule changes  
29-01-2020 Football
Blind football coaching manual now on-line  
24-01-2020 Goalball
Paying tribute to my father: Brazil’s Moura rises to the challenge  
24-01-2020 Football
2020 IBSA Blind Football World Grand Prix groups drawn  
23-01-2020 Football
IBSA opens up women’s football 5-a-side to B2 and B3 players  
20-01-2020 Goalball
Sight classification opportunity for Tokyo goalball and football athletes  
13-01-2020 Judo
Gagne, Jorgensen impress for hosts Canada at judo American Champs  
10-01-2020 Judo
Paralympic year begins with IBSA Judo American Championships in Montreal  
09-01-2020 Judo
IBSA Judo American Championships: three things to know  
09-01-2020 Showdown
Asian showdown referees trained in Seoul  
06-01-2020 Judo
Paralympic year arrives: Athletes prepare for return to judo’s roots  
06-01-2020 General
Brazilian team prepare for IBSA Judo American Championships  
02-01-2020 General
Ninepin Bowling
Tenpin Bowling
WADA 2020 List of Prohibited Substances enters into force  
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