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Judo - News

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December 2016

Date Sport(s) Headline
23-12-2016 Judo
Brazil confirms 2017 judo Grand Prix and training camp  
19-12-2016 Judo
International Judo Federation releases new regulations for Olympic cycle  
17-12-2016 General
Argentinean judoka suspended after Anti-Doping Rule Violation  

November 2016

Date Sport(s) Headline
25-11-2016 Judo
Japan holds national blind judo championships  
24-11-2016 Judo
IBSA Judo shoots coach training video  
21-11-2016 Judo
Blind sports to feature at European Para Youth Games 2017  
02-11-2016 Judo
Tenorio Silva Chicago clinic a weekend of groundbreaking Paralympic judo events  
01-11-2016 Judo
IBSA Judo launches call for bids to host major championships  

October 2016

Date Sport(s) Headline
28-10-2016 Judo
Blind judo event in Chicago to honour World Judo Day  
19-10-2016 Judo
IBSA Judo seeks hosts for 2017 events  
17-10-2016 Judo
IBSA Judo and IJF meet to strengthen partnership  

September 2016

Date Sport(s) Headline
27-09-2016 Judo
Top ten Rio judo moments video  
26-09-2016 Judo
Rio football, goalball and judo results available  
13-09-2016 General
Rio 2016 offers audiodescription to VI fans  
08-09-2016 General
Rio Paralympic Games begin in 'colourful and joyous' style  

August 2016

Date Sport(s) Headline
30-08-2016 Judo
Judo releases Rio 2016 short list  
30-08-2016 Judo
IBSA funds fellowship for sight classification research  
25-08-2016 Judo
IPC announces live streaming for Rio 2016 Paralympic Games  
23-08-2016 General
CAS upholds IPC decision on Russian NPC  
07-08-2016 Judo
IBSA Judo issues updated long list for Rio 2016  

July 2016

Date Sport(s) Headline
28-07-2016 Judo
IBSA Judo master list updated  
25-07-2016 Judo
IBSA Judo Rio 2016 regulations  
12-07-2016 Judo
IBSA Judo refs meet for pre-Rio seminars  

June 2016

Date Sport(s) Headline
23-06-2016 Judo
Judo long list for Rio published  
22-06-2016 Judo
Highlights video from GB Judo Grand Prix released  
06-06-2016 Judo
UK Blind Judo Grand Prix results in  
02-06-2016 Judo
IBSA Judo seeks hosts for future events  

May 2016

Date Sport(s) Headline
24-05-2016 Judo
Judo releases final classification master list  
16-05-2016 Judo
Rio 2016 - important announcement from the IBSA Judo Committee  

April 2016

Date Sport(s) Headline
19-04-2016 Judo
Football, Goalball and Judo classification masters updated  

March 2016

Date Sport(s) Headline
23-03-2016 Judo
Goalball and Judo classification lists updated  
16-03-2016 Judo
IBSA Judo calendar available  
12-03-2016 Judo
Poland to host IBSA Judo seminar  
07-03-2016 Judo
Goalball, Judo and Football Five-a-side - important Rio 2016 reminder  
04-03-2016 Judo
IBSA Judo Committee announces Bipartite Comission slots  

February 2016

Date Sport(s) Headline
24-02-2016 Judo
International Judo Federation video features deafblind athlete  
08-02-2016 Judo
German judo results on-line  
05-02-2016 Judo
Great Britain Judo Grand Prix info  

January 2016

Date Sport(s) Headline
25-01-2016 Judo
Blind football, goalball and judo on 2017 Youth Parapan American Games programme  
22-01-2016 Judo
IBSA Judo releases bipartite commission invitation  
18-01-2016 Judo
Sight classification available at 5th International Judo Grand Prix Infraero  
04-01-2016 Judo
Judo Portugal European Championships highlights video  
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