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Torball - General information

Ever heard of Torball? Have you ever watched this acoustic game?

Torball is a ball game, developed in the 1970's for blind and partially sighted people. It is a fast-moving team sport for visually impaired persons that suits men and women of all ages alike. There are lots of facilities in this game for rehabilitation activities as well as leisure, school and top level sport.

Torball is played on a rectangular court 16 metres in length and 7 metres wide. On the court are six players from two teams - three players per team. Goals are located at either end of the rectangular court. The game is played with a bell ball, which must be thrown underneath three cords tightened across the court. The object of the game is for each team to throw the ball across the opponent´s goal line while the other team attemps to prevent this from happening. Then the defending team takes on the attacking play and former attackers in turn defend their goal.

One special feature of the game is the ball, which weights just 500 grammes and is pumped up with air. Its qualities allow to play very tricky and fast. Torball demands concentration and quick reaction by players. Torball has got what it takes to spread even further and become a paralympic sport.

Torball player launches ball.

Torball is a speedy and dynamic game. It is enormously popular, especially in countries in Central Europe and in Latin America. It is also played on the other continents, in Asia, Africa and Oceania.

It is estimated Torball is played in about 30 countries by almost 1 200 people.

The origin of the game is not totally clear. The game known as Torball today was developed in the 1970s on the basis of Goalball (then known as Torball), which in turn is based on Rollball. As a result there were two varieties of Torball in central Europe.

The older version was played with a ball that weighted two kilograms and was later called Goalball (the English translation of the German name Torball), whereas the younger one used a ball weighing half a kilo and kept the name Torball.

Last but not least, as an acoustic game Torball can also be played by sighted people, though not as an IBSA sport.

So, when will YOU start playing Torball?
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